Class Types

We offer classes for every level and age. Please show up 5-10 minutes early to get settled. Parents are welcome to come and watch! 


Montgomery/Princeton Schedule ONLY

Little Tigers

Designed for our youngest members aged 3.5 – 6 years old, this class teaches kids self-discipline, coordination, and listening skills.



Open to White, Yellow Stripe, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple belts. Here, we teach the basic skill set of Taekwondo and build your body's flexibility and strength.



Open to Brown, Red, Jr.Black, Jr.Black Star and Black belts. During this class, we'll focus on more advanced techniques and work towards earning the Black Belt.



All skill levels and ages 6 and up welcome! Come work out with as a family, getting a great workout in an energetic class focused on stretching and fundamental movements.



Our class designed for older members, aged 12 years old and up. Come to practice on your forms and skills for the next test and get a great workout.



A perfect way to get a workout in during the day and relieve some stress. This class focuses on mobility and technique, learning good form and movement. 


Black Belts

For our most advanced members. This class emphasizes fine-tuning your forms and technique, and allows for you to specialize from sparring to demo. 



Special Classes

  1. Tournament Class*

  2. Instructor Program*

  3. Demo Team*

  4. Black Belt Candidate

*invite only